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kr 1,900/t DDP  
Wholesale price
from kr 1,700/t
Lbkwood, LLC, UA
6 and 8 mm pellets from pine in Big-Bags or 15 kg begs, hight quality ash - % humidity - 5 - 8 % kcal / kg - - Viber, Telegram, WhatsAPP
Within the radius of 80 km from Fredericia
Plastic bucket
$0.49/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
Торг, SP, TM, 20 km +9 ads
We are offering you our new unique plastic bucket. The offered thing is round, quality and affordable prices. It can be used for storage and...
Wholesale price
from €165/pc
WoodWork Production, LLC, BY, 20 km
Наше предприятие производит дрова на экспорт. На данный момент у нас есть в наличии дрова из дуба камерной сушки, влажность 25% не более, длина...
Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml (Refreshes Body Immunity)
Avico, AS, Billund, 43 km +2 ads
Find our offers below. Packaging & Shipping Product Type:Red bull Energy Drinks Feature: Normal, Sugar-Free Packaging: Can (Tinned) Volume...
Original red bull 250ml Energy Drink
Avico, AS, Billund, 43 km +2 ads
Product: RedBull 250ml Cans Brand:........................ Red Bull Product Dimensions:...........32.8 x 21.6 x 13.6 cm Storage...
BIC Lighter Maxi (J26) & BIC Lighter Mini (J25)
Avico, AS, Billund, 43 km +2 ads
BIC Lighter Maxi (J26) & BIC Lighter Mini (J25) 1) BIC Lighter Maxi (J26) Packaging 50 pcs per Tray 12 trays per carton 63 cartons Per...
Дрова колотые
kr 1,200/pc DAP  
Wholesale price
kr 1,200-1,800/pc
Бел-Лит Гарант, LLC, BY, 65 km
Дрова колотые в ящиках
Akustikplader af træbeton / Acoustic plates
8/sq m DAP
Nordeca, SIA, LV, 68 km +3 ads
Acoustic plates/Akustikplader af træbeton ND390-25W, 25x600x/1200/2400mm 1.5mm wool, white cement, chamfer 5/7/10mm, angle 45 degrees. 1.5mm wool...
kr 1.64/kg  
Wholesale price
kr 1.64-2.24/kg
Иванов А.А., SP, RU, 71 km +1 ad
Velkommen! vi anskaffer og sælger affaldspapir i forskellige kvaliteter i industrimængder fra 500 tons pr. måned og klar til samarbejde.
Продам древесные пеллеты А2 (wood pellets) от производителя
95/t FCA
Лигнум Энерджи, LLC, UA, 71 km +1 ad
Selling Lignum Energy Ltd. produces pine pellets corresponding to A2. The test report is available on the website. Big-Bag 1100kg, the volume of...
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